Admissions open now for Montessori-1, Montessori-2, Montessori-3, Grade-1 and Grade 2. Due to covid outbreak, our office will remain closed until April 15th. For admission related queries contact : +91 8139819238



Infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favorable environment for a child’s growth. Our classrooms are well equipped for your toddler, We are well furnished for each age group and the classrooms have adequate ventilation. All buildings are new, modern and colourful. We have an indoor and outdoor play area, both of which meet the safety standards and are intellectually stimulating for the students. Our play areas are a natural habitat for learning. The arrangements at our school promote learning with fun and cheer. Colourful walls, mesmerising stories, interesting facts and fumbling lessons, toddlers have more to say.

“Mesmerising classrooms and colours around, all what a budding learner could ask for”