Admissions open now for Montessori-1, Montessori-2, Montessori-3, Grade-1 and Grade 2. Due to covid outbreak, our office will remain closed until April 15th. For admission related queries contact : +91 8139819238



Teaching staff

We train our staff to be empathetic and look at every child’s point of view. To achieve this every teacher is put through a vigorous training period that is compulsory. Post the training period we will monitor the teachers class and get feedback before we make it official.

Non-teaching staff

The non-teaching staff play just as important role as the teaching staff in the child’s development. We make sure they are soft-spoken and have good presence of mind when the teaching staff is away.

Please submit your resume to below address or email id.
Explorer School
Bawa Arcade, Kadambar, Manjeshwar
Tel: 04998-272775/ 8139819238

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